Heroes is the most important festival about innovation of Southern Italy.
With more than 2000 participants and 200 speakers from all over the world, this international event is a reference point for today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurs, for young startuppers, for those who need ideas and stimuli, new collaborations, being part of an inspired and active community.An unmissable event to explore the issues of business development, to forge new alliances and strategic partnerships, to learn the secrets of the digital revolution and ride the wave of change, without being overwhelmed.

Come to Maratea to participate in incredible networking opportunities and to meet the talents of tomorrow.





Time and space, future and past. Parallel universes that crash. There is a time for tomorrow and a space for the past. Distances are getting closer, moments are shorter. Time is redefined: not just a matter of hours, but also spaces and connections. People are changing and do not accept the fact that time is passing. Technologies allow days to slow down or accelerate. We can stop everything but we cannot reset anything. Space turns out to be fast, transportations more and more automatic and, in the meanwhile, on the earth time turns out to be short and spaces less. There are new spaces and times to live in. Will the space be the future of our times? 

For this edition, Heroes wants to reflect on the hectic relationship between space and time, medicine and surgery, robotics and automation, transport and buildings, technology and future. 

An edition to navigate through space and time, even in business.

Technological innovation and new inventions are drastically changing our relationship with time and space, impacting in a disruptive way on our relationship with these two entities and generating epochal changes.

Think of technological advances in the transport sector, thanks to which we can reach distant places in much less time; or discoveries in the medical field, that have lengthened the average people’s lifespan; to the new means of mass communication, such as the internet, which have accelerated the broadcasting of information and culture in a broad sense and facilitated the publication and sharing of emotions, feelings and moods; to the world of work, with the use of robots that will simplify human work and on which they discuss their ability to overwhelm or even replace the workforce, as well as being "always connected", from which a productivity is derived now no longer strictly dependent on hours spent in the office.

Our Heroes this year will reflect on the hectic relationship between space and time, between medicine and surgery, robotics and automation, transport and construction, technology and the future.

The next edition of Heroes is dedicated to the fourth dimension, that holds together space and time, that has most benefited from the changes and has undergone structural changes brought about by technological innovation. An edition that will help people understand how technological progress has changed our relationship with time and space in a positive or negative way. and during which we will try to orient ourselves among the most modern businesses, to offer effective solutions to the new needs of living the spaces of the present and the times of tomorrow.