Data: Venerdì 20 Settembre 15:15 - 16:00

Luogo: Pillola Rossa

Viral growth, viral loop and growth hacking are very often associated with B2C products. So is it even possible to general viral growth for B2B product, where the price is very high and the purchase cannot be gut-based and instinctive? Instana is on the curve of the fastest growing companies ever, measured by revenue and ARR. Its 19x year over year user growth is a proof that viral growth in B2B can be achieved. The session will dive in the 3 crucial components of the product market fit equation: a deep understanding of the transformational trends swiping the whole software industry, a product that focuses on and nails the ‘jobs to be done’ and an outstanding customer success team. Particular attention will be given to relevant moments of the growth path, critical decisions made along the way and successful experiments. The workshop will also touch on the remote and worldwide-spread approach to the team, its challenges and benefits. A cura di Enrico Bruschini 



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  • Venerdì 20 Settembre 15:15 - 16:00

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